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Event Sustainability

We are so lucky to be able to stage Muck n' Mac Fest in one of the most stunning locations the country has to offer. The trails are glorious, the roads are epic. 

One of our driving forces is to operate an event format that is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possibile.  When out on the trails and roads it is our policy to remember a few key points.

We are not the only users of these areas. Be cortious to the landowners and other users. Respect the privacy, safety and general working livelihoods of such people living and working in these areas. 

Leave the land as you see it. 

Many of our trails pass through farmed land. If you see a closed gate, you close it after yourself. 

Remember that the outdoors can never be made risk-free.  Please act with care at all times for both your own safety and that of others.

Absolutely no littering, under any circumstances. 

For more information on Outdoor access take a look at the Scottish Outdoor Access Code website


Daf Minch.jpeg


  • We share event information digitally

  • Provide recycling points at event HQ

  • Race routes that respect the environment and their erosion impacts

  • We will offer event discounts for those attending via public transport, or by bike

  • Ensure that plant-based food options are available for all event attendees

  • We seek out brands and partnerships who follow a similar sustainable approach

  • Prioritise procurement from local organisations

  • All staff, volunteers, officials to use multi-use drinks bottles and mugs for hot drinks

  • Competitors must provide own cup/bottle to fill water – no single use cups

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