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                                        Mono? Tell me more...

For various reasons, two back-to-back days of testing riding might not be everyone's box of frogs, and we don't blame you!


From the beginning of the planning stages, we've had a significant focus on inclusion and trying to get as many people involved across a range of abilities. So, we've given you the option to take on The Mono - our slightly more forgiving, one-day riding option instead of riding two days on the trot. 

                     What Route options do the Mono's take? 

When booking on Sientries, you'll click the Mono option. Here you will have 4 options of route available. These consist of Mucker Mono Day 1 or Day 2 or and Mackie Mono Day 1 or Day 2. 

All of the routes follow the same trail as the full weekend options, and you are just opting to do 1 of the days instead of 2. 

*Please see 'The Mucker' and 'The Mackie' for respective route profiles, starting points and GPX upload of routes. 

                                                                    Day 1 

  Galashiels                                                          St.Marys Loch 



St.Marys Loch                                                   Galashiels 





Can I still go to the festival campground If I'm riding the Mono?

Yes, it's encouraged - if you're riding day 1 or 2 as it's included in the ticket price. Stay after you've finished the day 1 option or come the night before ​if you're riding day 2, and get involved in our festival activities. 

                       How do I get my bike there, or back? 

Included in your entry ticket for the Mono is  bike shuttle to or from St.Mary's loch depending on which day you are doing. 

*If you’re intending on doing day 1, you can ride the route and spend the remainder of the weekend at the festival campground. Your bike will be shuttled from St. Mary's loch on Sunday.

*If you are riding day 2, your bike will be shuttled from drop off, at signing on and transported to St.Mary's loch on the Saturday whilst you take one of our complementory shuttle buses to the festival village.

Day 2


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