'The Mackie'

The Mackie is our road option, sticking to the tarmac routes. Taking a slightly different path to The Mucker, the scenery is more varied as you will be covering more ground.

Taking in some truly classic Scottish Borders climbs, our Road option is both testing and easy on the eye.

Like The Mucker, we are also doing a shortened loop option if it's proving all too much. At the 62km point you'll be met by the potentially welcoming 'Get me to the fest' alternative route arrow. 

*gpx routes available 02/07/21

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Stage 1, 126km (2000m)/83km 

stage 1 road_edited.jpg

Yeah, there's no beating about the bush, the first day is a tough one. With 6 major climbs over the course of the day, totalling up to over 2000m in vertical ascent it's definitely a big one. 

With Some of the climbs knocking on 5km long and taking in some nippy gradients it's not for the faint hearted.  

Like the previous day there will also be a shortened ride option at the 66km point if you're head is feeling slightly wooly from the previous evening. 

Stage 2, 113km (1,600m)/ 72km 

Stage 2 - Mackie_edited.jpg

Like The Mucker, The Mackie's second day is a little bit more relaxed. With slightly less climbing and slacker gradients it will allow for a more gentle stage. 

This is, however, until the 60km stage where the route hits the infamous Talla Resevoir climb. Once you're over this brute of a climb the remainder of the stage is much forgiving with no major (in comparison with what's been tackled) tests - just some heavy legs and faint niggling hangover from the previous nights antics.